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3.Where you live
4.10 Favorite Bands
5.#1 most hated band
(optinial)6.are you in a band? If so what do u play?
100 demons, a life once lost, a perfect murder, a thousand falling skies, adelphi, agnostic front, alexisonfire, all that remains, anterrabae, arch enemy, atreyu, avail, avenged sevenfold, bane, bear vs. shark, bigwig, blacklisted, bleeding through, blood for blood, blood has been shed, breath of silence, broke neck, bury your dead, caliban, cannae, champion, coal chamber, comeback kid, converge, damageplan, dead to fall, death by stereo, death threat, dillinger escape plan, draw blood, dri, drive by, drive without, drowningman, dry kill logic, e-town concrete, eighteen visions, embrace today, endwell, ensign, evergreen terrace, every time i die, fear factory, figure four, flat earth society, folly, for the love of, fordirelifesake, forever is forgotten, found dead hanging, glasseater, halifax, haste, hatebreed, himsa, horse the band, if hope dies, it dies today, killswitch engage, lacuna coil, lamb of god, let it die, life of agony, love is red, malice aforethought, martyr ad, meshuggah, mest, ministry, misery index, misery signals, misfits, most precious blood, mudvayne, nevermore, no hollywood ending, no redeeming social value, nora, norma jean, odd project, on broken wings, only crime, park, planes mistaken for stars, prayer for cleansing, premonitions of war, psyopus, reflux, remembering never, rob zombie, roses are red, saving throw, scarlet, scars of tomorrow, sepultra, shadows fall, shai hulud, shattered realm, sick of it all, stabbed by words, stars turn cold, stretch arm strong, strike anywhere, suffocate faster, suffocation, sworn enemy, sycamore dreams, terror, the acacia strain, the akas, the autumn offering, the banner, the haunted, the hope conspiracy, the judas cradle, the killing, the minor times, the red chord, the takeover, throwdown, time in malta, to the grave, underoath, undying, unearth, until the end, walls of jericho, wings of scarlet, with dead hands rising, with honor, world/inferno friendship society, xdeathstarx, your enemies friends, zao, zombie apocalypse