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1.Name- Karla

2.Age- 19

3.Where you live- San Antonio

4.10 Favorite Bands- converge, fall of troy, fear before the march of flames, august burns red, the acasia strain, the red chord, they came burning, through the eyes of the dead, bury your dead, terror.

5.#1 most hated band- fuckin wanna be punk bands

(optinial)6.are you in a band? If so what do u play?- im not in a band, but soon i will start writing lyrics for my friends band.

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straight edge

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1.Name- megan
2.Age- 19
3.Where you live- mmm IL.
4.10 Favorite Bands- dry kill logic, marilyn manson, rob zombie,prodigy,garbage,seven year existance( my friends band), green day, metallica, linkin park, no doubt
5.#1 most hated band- hmmm im not sure .. prolly in gen. any hip-hop or rap groups. or poser bands. hilary duff.. yah dont like her too much at all.
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1.Name - Sarah
2.Age - Seventeen
3.Where you live - Northeast Ohio
4.10 Favorite Bands - Ed Gein. HORSE the band. Every Time I Die. Acacia Strain. Blood Has Been Shed. As I Lay Dying. From A Second Story Window. Fear Before the March of Flames. Into the Moat. The Bled.
5.#1 most hated band - Foo Fighters.
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1.Name: marcus

2.Age: 15

3.Where you live: fullerton california...orange county

4.10 Favorite Bands: xdeathstarx, haste the day, symphony in peril, dead to fall, btbam, converge, the agony scene, fear before the march of flames, from a second story window, HORSEtheband

5.#1 most hated band: Atreyu

(optinial)6.are you in a band? If so what do u play?:yeah, bass.
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